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Ministry Teaching DVDs


Very small budget for HD taping of 10 teaching sessions over 4 days.

Inconsistent room lighting temperature with very few options.

Underpowered sound system with missing or broken components.

Lack of professional wireless gear needed for superior sound quality and the ability for the speaker to engage the crowd.



Partner with a production company with supportive team members, creating a cost effective solution.

Clear and doable task objectives for each team member with the pressure of difficult deadlines.

Over $50,000 of sales for all the Methodist School for Supernatural Ministry DVD Sets ( Session 1-7 ).

Each DVD set cost roughly $9.50 and sells at the retail price of $79
( Over 800% profit ).



Software: FCP, Adobe Premier, and DVDstudioPro

Tech team: Steve Wolverton, Brian Peat and Tyler Mattingly

Production company support: Adam's group ( Streamline pictures )

Ministry Event Teams:

  • Webstreaming
  • 3 HD TV camera ops with one crowd camera
  • MP3s and CDs for all 10 teaching sessions
  • DVD mastering with custom graphics and beatiful video compression
  • Crystal clear audio to other teams and quick sound checks
  • Elegant DVD design with a matching DVD box set
Client: Aldersgate Renewal Ministries
Services Provided: Conference Event Services

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