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Aldersgate 2015 Brochure


Bland, bad spacing and boring color choices from previous Aldersgate brochure designs.

A bad layout and too many fonts, colors and sizes confusing the overall message of the brochure.

Too much content in one print project! Readers are confused where to start and what is important.


Allowing for a discovery phase involved determining the goals and the message that will drive the campaign and reflect organization objectives.

Researching and understanding the target audience to generate content and material that is relevant to specific participants.


Online readable publication by Yumpu:

Aldersgate 2015 Brochure


Design File: Indesign CC

Design team: Steve Wolverton, Brian Peat and Mary Ellen Martin

Aldersgate 2015 Brochure Components:

  • High Quality Print Version
  • Virtual Flip by
  • Conference logo art element from Istockphoto
Client: Aldersgate Renewal Ministries
Services Provided: Re-Design Print Product

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