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ARCottage Brochure


Extremely outdated design and poorly worded text. ( Last desgined in 2005 by the previous graphic designer )

Not having acquired the rights to use the primary pictures applied in the organization's brochure.

Pictures of the cottages being outdated and lacking highlights of each house's beautiful attractions.

Subpar print quality due to creating these brochures with the organization's copier.

Text within the brochure containing staff acronyms which are confusing for new visitors to the organization.


Design content to help new individuals who may not be familiar with the organization.

Big, bold pictures and simplifying the text to communicate clearly and precisely.

Taking new, intimate pictures with the room's stage while employing better lighting techniques.

Online readable publication by Yumpu:

ARCottage Brochure


Design File: Indesign CC

Design team: Steve Wolverton, Brian Peat and Mary Ellen Martin

ARCottage Brochure Components:

  • High Quality Print Version
  • Custom Design Email Blast by
  • Virtual Flip by ( great for social media options )
Client: Aldersgate Renewal Ministries
Services Provided: Re-Design Print Product

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