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Aspen Tree Ministries


Discovering the purpose for and goals of the new ministry, and how it wants to achieve those goals via website, printed materials, or email campaigns.

Avoiding uninspired, bland ideas via branding by committee.

Creating a better brand, consistent with content that reflects United Methodist terminology.



Creating a clear, functional and powerful design that effectively informs, inspires and sells.

Customizing a seamless interactions web experience for the visitor's device by a responsive web design.

Snagging great URL names ( and

Online readable publication by Yumpu:

Aspen Tree Ministries Brochure

Aspen Tree Ministries Newsletter


Design File: Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC and  Joomla 2.5

Design team: Steve Wolverton and Tyler Mattingly

Aspen Tree Ministries Components:

  • 2.5 Joomla Site with a Rocket Theme Template
  • 4 Page Color Newsletter
  • Custom 4 Color Envelope
  • Brochure
Client: Aspen Tree Ministries
Services Provided: Branding and Concept Creation

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