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Charisma Magazine Full Page Ad


Past magazine ads displayed poorly designed text flow because of content overload not allowing a natural starting point for the readers eye.

Lack of image and body text arrangement causing the reader to have a hard time following the flow of the design.



Enabling the viewer to recognize the message quickly and more effectively with the use of a big, bold group worship picture interacting with the conference logo.

Effective use of color schemes to convey important messages of the magazine ad while the background hue draws your attention to the conference logo.

PDF Sample:

Charisma Magazine Full Page Ad


Design File: Indesign CC

Design team: Steve Wolverton and Brian Peat

Charisma Magazine Full Page Ad:

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  • Photos from Aldersgate 2014 by Brenda Johnson
Client: Aldersgate Renewal Ministries
Services Provided: Magazine Ad

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