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I enjoy helping churches and tech teams leveraged technology in a way that further the spread of the gospel.  My passion for tech ministry is about consistent creativity, innovation and techniclal quality.

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen." - John Wooden

I love that coach Wooden's approach to life is all about hard work and attention to details. The many years of late hours early in my career, with the help of lots of Mountain Dew, and putting my job first, really gave me the base skill set to be where I am today. Life brings wonderful changes and so, because I love what I do, I want to share my life outside of work with my family and friends without sacrificing my passion for design and a good work ethic. Jim Elliot quoted, “Wherever you are, be all there!” Balancing work and life is always difficult, but I practice being present while on the job to maximize my time spent working during the day, and then I'll “unplug from work” while spending time with other passions, allowing me to recharge and be ready to tackle the next day.

I'll never forget living in Clarksville, Tennessee, for the majority of my early career. I've had a lot of success working with great companies and individuals, and made lasting friendships that have endured throughout my career. My secret passion is youth ministries on all levels, from paid positions at various churches to simply volunteering for events. Upon moving back to Nashville ( my hometown ), I embarked on a new path of re-exploring Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, and reconnecting with old friends.

My background in design/prepress and managing print shops has made me confident I can hit the ground running, easily working with any team on any project. Armed with strategy, innovative ideas and the experience of building solutions for many different types of businesses, it is my passion to lead and be a part of a team that is dedicated to creativity, produces results that exceed expectations and continually raise the bar with each project. What sets me apart from most creative directors is that I harness the wisdom from many trusted professionals. Using this network of amazing people catapults projects forward with ground breaking innovation and immense time saving.

My experience in print and web design, conference production, and I.T. solutions brings together three rarely combined disciplines that can build consistency across diverse mediums. Armed with this knowledge and an eye to plan, I can truly take projects and design proposals to the next level.

I look forward to new journeys and new challenges ahead.

"Steve’s devotion in his field is unparalleled. I’ve found him to be capable of tackling ambitious projects with budgets and timeframes that most people would simply pass on. He’s not content to complete a project within the bare-minimum parameters, either. Steve will go above and beyond his call with an intense drive to integrity and excellence. He’s one of those rare personalities that longs to see the organization or project succeed beyond his involvement. He’s a man invested. I could not possibly recommend anyone as highly as I do Steve."
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Adam Cannon
Co-Owner at Cannon Creative
“Steve is a very talented graphic designer and a key employee for my company. He has learned the entire printing process during his leadership at my company for over 6 years. Steve is a dependable, honest, loyal, hard working employee. You could leave a hundred dollar bill on the desk and be confident that it would be there a month later. He demonstrates attributes that are sought by employers today but are becoming more rare than in past years. Steve can be trusted to perform his assigned duties.”
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David Baker
Owner of Clarksville Quick Printing for over 40 years
“One of the most incredible characteristics that I have observed in working with Steve is his selfless desire to see others succeed. He has truly poured himself into creating media products for Aspen Tree Ministries that have set our ministry on the course of success, where people would take notice. I have also witnessed his desire to see young people succeed in the media field as he guides their involvement in the work. Steve’s heart and desire seems to be for others’ success. He is authentic and sincere in all of his interactions.”
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Rev. Dr. Diana M. DeWitt
Executive Director of Aspen Tree Ministries